berried in berries: recipe index for the black and red

In Eugene we take our berries so seriously, we even turn them into wallpaper. This vintage stuff graces the hall of my friend’s new fabulous old farmhouse, and it’s soon to be modernized, made redundant, given the old heave-ho, disappeared.  I love the detail of the black and raspberries in the print, but even I can’t deny it’s a tad dated to have blackberries crawling all over your sunroom, and, well, to have wallpaper in general.

So in honor of blackberries and new old homes, and everything delicious under the sun, I bring you a list of all of my berry recipes (with a few cherry recipes thrown in for good measure).  They’re mostly for preserving, but I include the best pie recipe ever, and my mixed berry summer pudding, a recipe I’ve already made this July, even though I can barely reach as high as the countertop.  It’s that good.


One thought on “berried in berries: recipe index for the black and red

  1. adairpete 19 July 2012 / 9:24 am

    Thanks for the recipes! I am now dying to try and make my own berry-flavored vinegar. Never thought of using berries but can’t wait to try it!


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