and so it begins

The rhododendrons are coming, are coming!  This is the very first bloom on my rather ill-kempt, unidentified, monster shrub in the front yard.  It has pale pink, star-shaped narrow blooms that fade in the sun, but the buds are pretty, at least.  Looks like aphids are already congregating.

I have three more bushes that are in better shape.  The badly placed old ‘Virginia Richards’ in the back (below, from 2009), a salmon pink joy, is miraculously budded up after a year of dormancy and my best attempts to shade it.

The two ‘Scintillation’ rhododendrons in the front, which put out giant garish pink puffballs with yellow middles (below, from last year), will have another vigorous year, I’m sure. Of all the extant landscaping, these two rhodys were the only thing planted properly.  Thanks for making the only healthy plant the color of bubblegum, Previous Owners.

You should probably skip my house and go check out the amazing offerings at Hendricks Park, our 15-acre, rhododendron-filled oasis this weekend.