term done!

Finished the second of three quarters in the academic year yesterday.  My class, HC222: The Rise of Culinary Literature, exposed students to 18th century aesthetics, the Industrial Revolution, the birth of the women’s magazine, WWI and WWII rationing in Europe and America, fascism, colonialism, modernism, and the “postindustrial” American diet advocated by Michael Pollan.  The students were asked to study for the final by using the tools of the trade:

I felt a little ashamed at the grocery store buying some of these items (you guess which ones).  But a good time was had by all.

So, did you catch the mention of Culinaria Eugenius in Cheryl Rade’s article on Eugene food bloggers in yesterday’s Register-GuardWell, you can now! Perhaps you’ll be inspired to start your own local food blog, now that mine is fueled by Spaghetti-Os?

new article in register-guard: bake sale philanthropy!

Need your early morning donut/cupcake fix?  I explore the link between sweet baked goods and charitable giving in this morning’s food section of the Eugene Register-Guard.  The article features the cupcake club of one of my honors students and two local businesses: Holy Donuts and The Divine Cupcake.  If Voodoo Donut had been in town, the article might have even delved into the darker arts of charitable giving.  Oh well.  Next time.