getcher strawberries here!

From the strawberry patch for Lane County locals: order your berry pails from Kiwanis ASAP!  Orders must be postmarked by June 1.  This is a longstanding fundraising campaign by the Emerald Empire Kiwanis Club.  They arrange for local strawberry picking, cleaning, slicing, and delivery to Eugene.  It’s the easiest way to get fresh strawberries in season that are ready to be used in all your fresh desserts, transformed into scrumptious jams, or frozen for use all year ’round.  The proceeds go to local charities and programs that help children.  Deliveries will be made to Valley River Center on June 24, and you can pre-purchase 15- or 30-lb. pails.  Frozen blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and marionberries (smaller pails — for pickup in August) should also be ordered at this time.

pizza party tonight!

Tonight’s the night for pizza, no?  OSU Extension in Lane County requests our support in a delicious, cheesy, tomatoey, crusty fundraising event.   Yes, it’s sponsorship via pizza!   If you visit any Papa’s Pizza location in Eugene or Springfield today, Monday, April 27, our beloved Lane County Extension programs will receive a significant portion of the money you spend.  Programs like Master Gardeners, 4-H, and Master Food Preservers — each providing education and services you can’t get anywhere else in town — are still struggling with significant budget shortfalls, so please make tonight your weekly pizza night.

Won’t your wife/husband/partner/kids/chosen family/imaginary friends/pets be thrilled when you show up at home with a fragrant, piping hot, vegetable and pepperoni-laden melted cheese surprise this evening?    And your coworkers — won’t they be overjoyed that you brought a big pizza pie of amore to share at the noon hour, making a celebration of an otherwise bleak Monday?  Yes, they will.  Picture it.  Your heroism.  The love and adulation.  Full bellies and smiles.

Here’s the deal:  print out the coupon available at this link and bring it to any Papa’s Pizza location today, Monday, April 27.  The coupon will entitle your local Extension to receive 50% of proceeds from food purchases, and 25% from gift certificates purchased.  That’s right, even if you find you don’t want pizza today, you can still donate to OSU Extension by buying a gift certificate for future pizza parties.

Please note that this the coupon won’t work with delivery – you have to be physically present and you have to bring the coupon with you.  There are paper copies of the coupon at the Extension office at 950 W. 13th, if you’d prefer to come pick one up.

Thank you so much, and please know your pizza will help continue providing the services that make Lane County life more beautiful, healthier and safer.  If you’ve ever used the gardener or food safety/preservation hotlines or tested your canner gauges or identified a weed or purchased high-quality plants at a sponsored plant sale, please show your appreciation today!