creating a buzz: vanishing of the bees film/lecture 2/27

Hi!  I missed y’all.  It’s been a tough week here at Culinaria Eugenius headquarters, where the CEO/Director of Floor Scrubbing is kind of tapped out with all the conferencing and eventing and dinnering.  I’m taking the weekend to just stay at home and regroup.

On those personality tests that were so popular a few years ago, I always score right around 50/50 for introversion and extroversion, and I’ve been operating at about 110% extroversion lately, so that’s why you see me around town all lopsided and half-baked.  It’s been a transformative and stimulating month, but I missing my domestic quietude, not to mention the ever-growing pile of papers to grade and books to read and essays to write.

But for those of you who are hungry for more events — and you should be, because we’re riding a wave of excellent food lectures in Eugene — check out an film/lecture series TOMORROW – 2/27! featuring some involvement by fellow Eugene local food/garden bloggers, Squash Practice. It’s a daylong exploration of a very serious issue — the vanishing of the bees in North America, thanks to Colony Collapse Disorder.  In short: no bees = no pollination = no fruit = no seeds = no plants = death of planet.  There will be two showings of the film, two lectures, and a seed exchange, all held at Cozmic Pizza.  See more details by clicking the poster.

Gary and his wife Ellen are great proponents of sustainable agriculture, and thanks to Gary’s engineering background, they not only save seeds but experiment with cross-pollination and genetic engineering (in a non-evil GMO way!).  You can read more about Gary’s beekeeping practices in one of his many well-researched posts.

A real food recipe-style post is coming up soon, I promise.  I have a backlog of photos and experiences to share!