arirang kimchi

Grading’s done, yay!  So now it’s time for the honored yearly holiday tradition, celebrated by academics worldwide…the Writing of the Research Papers.  I’ve got three big projects to wrestle down into various marketable forms by the beginning of January, plus some other stuff farther along in the process.  I now see the meaning of the phrase ‘piled higher and deeper,’ sigh.

But who can complain, when the world brings you fresh kimchi, made to the exacting standards of a restaurateur who wants to control what goes into her pickled radish?

As I ate a bowl of steaming, egg-laden short rib soup with glass noodles at Café Arirang yesterday, the chef-owner explained her standards, and her process, to me. She uses a bit of sugar and no pickled fish sauce (for American tastes, she said; I’m an American and I like it, I protested).  Her method makes for a particularly fragrant, sweet-sour, crunchy spicy pickle.

She was willing to sell me a quart container brimming with radish kimchi for $10.  She might be willing to sell some radish or regular cabbage kimchi to you, too, if you ask.