green chile posole

IMG_9582My efforts to cook down the freezer continue, and soupily.  I am off to pick up the beef today, and am proud to announce I managed to clear about half the space, so I should be fine.  A major part of the square footage was taken up by what I thought was a half of a pig’s head (nope, a whole; surprise!) from my butchery class with Camas Davis.  I also found a jowl and a cheek, as one does.

Because the head was so big, I roasted it and stripped it for tacos (cabeza), then added the leftover bits to pork stock for a wonderful green chile posole with the other parts I had uncovered in my latest archaeological dig.

Posole!  If you haven’t tried it, it’s wonderful.  I used up a bag of homemade posole (nixtamalized) corn, made last year, the last of my peppers from the two potted plants I had maintained until the frost, the last of the green tomatoes, some roasted anchos I found in the freezer, a big handful of oregano and tarragon still hanging on in the garden, and that wonderfully rich, gelatinous cabeza meat and some pork shoulder. The cabeza really added so much to the broth, and I recommend it if you should have a head in your freezer.  No questions asked.

If you’re making it, here are a few more tips: I threw in a handful of local cornmeal to slightly thicken the broth, and simmered everything for 30 minutes or so, adding a lemon and some powdered ancho pepper and garlic powder near the end of cooking. Perfect winter meal, all local, but with a taste of warm sunny skies.


3 thoughts on “green chile posole

  1. boscodagama 18 November 2014 / 9:22 am

    I last made this with Hatch chiles that I roasted and froze, a couple of poblanos I roasted, home made tomatillos simmered in chicken stock with epazote, garlic, & Mexican oregano… New Mexican blue corn dried pozole was soaked overnight and simmered..

    Used some espinazo de puerco & some trocitos de puerco from the El Torito carniceria in Salem (nice place) and for stock I used a batch of chicken stock I had in the freezer along with some beer.. (a Bendish IPA).

    Serve with chopped radishes, cilantro, onions y limón.

    BTW, La Preferida has #10 cans of pozole morada (from a purple corn) available at some of the tiendas. In case you are making pozole for a crowd..


  2. boscodagama 18 November 2014 / 9:27 am

    I also make venison pozole and if I get some elk, there will be elk pozole.


  3. farmerkhaiti 21 November 2014 / 7:13 pm

    Yum! I have one of our pig’s head in my freezer, but have never roasted one before- how long did you do it for? Only made heacheese and then stock, but aspire to roasting one!


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