cider pressing in da hood

IMG_8915 The Friendly neighborhood was the recipient of a Eugene neighborhood grant for fruit tree gleaning, processing, and educating this year, thanks to Matt Lutter and his partner, Jessica Jackowski, who also organizes work days for the exemplary Common Ground Garden, a neighborhood community garden staffed by volunteers. The Friendly Fruit Tree Project has spent the last month harvesting neighborhood trees and plants like crazy: blackberries, plums, apples, pears, etc., etc.

IMG_8912Last week, it was apples.  Amber gold.  Oregon T.  They managed to source an unused cider press in someone’s shed, and we all pitched in and took home some great cider to share! Using the press was much easier than I had expected; it’s a relatively simple operation, with a motorized rotor on one end to grind the apples and a hand-powered press to crank down the juice.  Apple bits got composted.  No waste, very little muss, very little fuss.

And of course, it was a brilliant way to connect with likeminded urban homesteading folks in the ‘hood: we shared cider recipes, taste-tested beet kvasses and hippie cookies, grumbled about grapes (ok, that was me), and watched apple-cheeked kids running around like monkeys.  What a wonderful paradise we live in.

See the full album here, and if you’re interested in taking part or spreading the word about the project, comment and I’ll make sure Matt gets your info.  It would be wonderful if other Eugene neighborhoods could get in on the gleaning action, since it’s such a service to those with unused fruit and to those who want to do the labor to share in the harvest.

The project was also the source of my prune plums for my recent lekvar undertaking, coming soon to a blog post near you.

2 thoughts on “cider pressing in da hood

  1. Mechelle Coburn-Roeske 21 September 2014 / 7:58 am

    I live over in the Amazon drive area and we have a large amount of fruit trees over here that go to waste. If I could organize a community harvest in this area, could we possibly arrange to use the cider-press? I think it would be easy to get the community behind something like that.


  2. Eugenia 21 September 2014 / 8:04 am

    Hi Mechelle, there are a few places in town where you can rent presses. One is Falling Sky. Another is this guy: “Cider Bob is awesome. If you keep your rental receipts he will honor that amount towards the purchase of a new one! Contact info is at the bottom of his website. I also agree, always get the large one. I have been renting from him for many years and have never once had a problem. We make about 40-50 gallons in about 4 hours!” Have fun!


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