grapest show on earth

IMG_8636Whoa, looks like my green table grapes (of indeterminate variety) really liked having more airflow and a less severe prune!  For a change, my laziness resulted in happy times: a bumper crop of the little, seedless, acidic things. So. Many. Grapes. Expecting yours did as well as mine, I won’t try to pawn mine off on you as a hopeful gentleman did the zucchini bat below:

IMG_0188Thus, I present to you the recipes I’m experimenting with this year. I’m afraid my grapes are less juicy and more tart than the average grape, so I’ll probably have to adjust the recipes. 

I’m looking forward to:

You might be tempted to try some of these 51 grape recipes.  I dunno.  Some of them look awful.  And that goes for most grape recipes on the internet.  Anything remotely indicating a grape pie, for example — a weepy, mushy grape pie with some offensive topping where the recipe writer warns the reader ahead of time — is not going to be something I sample.  If you do, and you like it, let me know!

One recipe link that’s broken is an interesting one for “burnt grapes,” which seems to be just a raspberries Romanoff adaption, in which one tops the fruit with sour cream then brûlées it.  Eh.  Not my fave, and grapes would be slipperier.  But here’s another link for that.

Pickled grapes?  Hmmm, maybe.  You tell me.

Or this grape almond olive oil cake that won the contest that produced the Collins and chutney recipes?  Sure thing.

You could also try fresh grape juice, which is made by processing a ton of grapes in a blender, then straining. Or grape juice for canning, recipe here.  I had some wonderful grape juice this winter sold at the Cottage Grove farmstand made of blends of table and wine grapes, both red and white, so I know it can be good, and not a trip down Welch’s memory lane.

IMG_8631Aaaand upon seeing the price of table grapes at the market…anyone want to buy about 50 lbs. of grapes? I’m trying to fund a freelancing career, here. ;)

3 thoughts on “grapest show on earth

  1. Jocelyn 24 August 2014 / 7:17 am

    I also have small green, seedless grapes. The first time I made raisins, I checked them first, but this resulted in something that looked more like fruit leather. After reading more and experimenting some, the best method for the particular grapes I have (Interlaken maybe? the vine was planted long before we bought this place) is to dry at the highest setting of the dehydrator (155) for about 12 hours, once they start to wrinkle up (revolving the trays back to front half way through) and then finishing at 125 for another 10 hours or so. Good luck!


  2. Shelly Williams 23 June 2015 / 10:14 am

    I’d love to know where to buy local grape juice. Do you know who was selling it at the Cottage Grove market?


  3. Eugenia 23 June 2015 / 10:20 am

    @Shelly, there was an email on the grape juice and they are still available at the Cottage Grove farmers market. Google them and give them a call; they will be able to let you know. Good luck!


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