pricing albacore for canning

IMG_0443If you’re planning to can tuna this year, and you just so happen to at or near the Oregon coast, be sure to use my handy, research-based, certified Master Food Preserver vetted, proofread (etc., etc.) guide to canning tuna.  (Or check out more tips if you want to can salmon.)  I’m going to amend it with more info about buying tuna, with thanks again to fellow MFP and tuna canning expert Dale Dow, who clarifies:

To order fish, a rough rule of thumb is to order one pound of fish (whole fish, not fillets) per half-pint jar.  This is the whole fish and about 50% wastage is expected.  But the size of the fish, the skill of the fishmonger, and the skill of filling the jars all determine how many jars can be filled.  In other words, I’d say,”I want 24 pounds of tuna for canning, filleted” if I planned to do a canner full.  It is cheaper to filet your own if you have the skill and time.

Thanks, Dale!

4 thoughts on “pricing albacore for canning

  1. Carol 7 August 2014 / 6:55 am

    I just canned tuna and all mine were 20lb fish and just out of 1 tuna we got 32 half pints and out of the other 3 we got 12 pints and 50 half pints. Usually a 20lb tuna will do at least 24 half pint jars..


  2. Michael H 16 September 2014 / 9:22 pm

    I just got 21 half pints out of a 20.2 lb whole fish- carked by the fishmonger, They did include a small tub with trimmings too.


  3. Jeff Hubbell 17 September 2014 / 3:52 pm

    I’m just now waiting for the first batch to get done in the canner, I don’t have the benefit of multiple canners. I bought a nice 24+ pound tuna off a boat at Winchester Bay and paid $3.00 a pound. While the fish was beautiful and well cared for, it was the highest I’ve ever paid for albacore. I save all the trimmings after carefully cleaning up every little scrap off the skeleton and grinding it up to can for our cat and dogs. The dogs absolutely love it, the cat not so much, who knew?


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