tomato and pepper fire sale!

IMG_7296I’ve been busy in the garden and have so much to share.  But quickly, this weekend…a sale!

Jeff Eaton is an important independent tomato and pepper grower who adds diversity to our local garden nightshade stock each year. Check out my photo set of his starts with more details here.

From Jeff:

“This is just to let you know that if you want to come by this season for some naturally grown tomato and pepper plants, now is the time! We will be closing for the season after this Sunday and selling any remaining plants to a local farmer.  Meanwhile, everything is on sale: all plants in 3-1/2″ pots are now $1 and tomatoes in 5-1/2″ pots are just $2.50. So if you haven’t planted your garden yet, or if you have room to try a few new varieties, please come by this Friday, Saturday or Sunday!  Our hours remain 11AM to 5PM for these three days. I’m at 2650 Summer Lane, off of Hunsaker in Santa Clara.”






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