full soft shift into fall

IMG_4074IMG_5340IMG_4068IMG_4070Achingly gorgeous moment in the year, the arch of the back of the season, where we slip from the fullness of late summer into fall.  The faintest whiff of mildew and fire in the dawn, the tired air refreshed by rain, the thirsty ground and the changing waves, spiders hanging big in their webs, big shelves of chicken-of-the-woods, overripe tomatoes, piles of juicy peppers, sweet taut winter squash curing and waiting in the wings, and still an abundance of melons.  It’s hard not to be in love with you, Oregon, when you provide us with so many delicious yeses.

IMG_5352IMG_4072I’ve been so surprised lately by people who would rather eat piles of subpar grocery store fruit than a single, musky, almost obscene ripe melon just hours off the vine.  To me, it’s not worth all the change in China to give up that pleasure.

IMG_5339 IMG_4073Images of fields are Open Oak Farm/Adaptive Seeds; other images taken at the Lane County Farmers Market — chicken-of-the-woods mushrooms are The Gourd Patch; all heirloom melon shots except one are McKenzie River Farm; the Collective Farm Woman melons are Turnip the Beet Farm, new tiny farm specializing in rare varieties.

3 thoughts on “full soft shift into fall

  1. baltimoregon 17 September 2013 / 11:49 am

    This post makes me long for Oregon! Fortunately, I’ve found sweet cantaloupes and watermelon here in Maine, too! Lovely images!


  2. Eugenia 17 September 2013 / 5:33 pm

    Thanks, Laura! Hope all is well there. We had more unusual heirloom melons this year than ever before.


  3. drfugawe 17 September 2013 / 6:37 pm

    Fall is my fav season here! Especially those hikes into the forest searching out the not so elusive chanterele – but there’s also an edge of sadness too, as the hints of an emerging winter are everywhere.- and as much as I love our falls, I dislike our winters.


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