impromptu june dinner


All hail the food processor, who makes an impromptu summer meal something special in a flash.

I had steamed some artichokes earlier in the day, and invited friends over for razor clam pasta, which I was going to dress with razor clams, the artichoke bottoms, and breadcrumbs.  But since I was out in the garden anyway, I cleared out my garlic scapes, errant wild arugula, some ill-placed kale, and colonizing mint, which went into the food processor with olive oil, almonds, and parmesan to become a sturdy pesto sauce. I sauteed the razor clams in butter with capers and olives, then added the pesto and linguine.

The artichokes looked so tired; I thought they might want a pillow of homemade aioli, so I threw an egg yolk, salt, newly picked garlic, and mustard into the processor, then drizzled in olive and salad oil until the sauce thickened.

An arugula salad and some rosé and we were good to go.

3 thoughts on “impromptu june dinner

  1. Mark Aloisio 12 June 2013 / 12:45 am

    Hi, do you mind sharing the recipe for pickled garlic? Thank you.


  2. Eugenia 12 June 2013 / 6:41 am

    Ha! I meant to say “picked garlic,” not pickled. Pickled wouldn’t be very good in this recipe. I’ll edit. If you’d like a recipe, try this one: . Marisa McClellan is a respected preservation writer. One note: if you use freshly PICKED garlic for your pickled garlic, the vinegar reacts with the pigment, turning the cloves greenish-blue. Not a huge deal and perfectly safe to eat, but it looks scary. So be sure to use older garlic. Have fun!


  3. Mark Aloisio 13 June 2013 / 12:24 am

    Thank you.


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