chile weather 2013

IMG_2980I don’t think I’ve ever planted cucumbers and peppers on the same day before, but call me behind the times and ahead of my time.

This year, I’m going loco and concentrating on Mexican chile varietals to play with molé. That’s me eating enchiladas molé at a restaurant in Las Vegas with some modernist studies colleagues, above.

I also bought a couple of Facing Heavens, the Sichuan chile that I use dried and fermented and chopped into a sauce.  Jeff’s Garden of Eaton has several hundred varieties of tomatoes and hot and sweet peppers, including many rare ones, so it’s always fun to go out River Road to look and pick up a few for $2 a plant.  They’re getting tall already, so you’ll want to go soon.

I am switching beds this year, so am hoping the peppers will be happy.  They grow remarkably well in the hottest, driest spot in the garden.

Here’s my lineup (clockwise from East end). What is yours?

  • Facing Heaven
  • Chiltepec
  • Sweet Pickle
  • Pimiento de Padron
  • Chile de Agua (tell your Mexican friends about this Oaxacan pepper, very rare)
  • Pasilla de Oaxaca
  • Mulato
  • Chilhuacle Negro
  • Costeno Amarillo
  • Another Facing Heaven



2 thoughts on “chile weather 2013

  1. drfugawe 17 May 2013 / 7:48 am

    Only wish I could grow peppers over here on the coast! I have fond memories of successfully doing so about 7 or 8 years ago, when the conditions were right (read, warmer nights) – but every time I’ve tried since, I’ve failed. Don’t even try anymore. As I hear sometimes, Its either a tomato summer, or a cabbage summer – and I think the cabbage summers win out 10/1.

    But, what the hell, there are places where lettuce and peas can’t grow worth a damn! There, I feel better now.


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