go green!


I generally don’t much go for the St. Patrick’s Day boozefest and stay off the roads, but for those who do, I’ve shared a few ways on Facebook for locals to revel around town with great drink specials and corned beef and cabbage, Begorrah! Let me know if I’ve missed your favorite spot.

And while you’re there, be sure to “friend” or “like” me if you’re interested in local events and restaurant specials.  I often share them on Facebook, since it’s easier than writing long, infrequent event postings here.

If you get so excited by corned beef, you might want to try my very basic, simple annotated version of the MFP recipe for corning your own brisket or tongue.  Try it served with the wild greens colcannon recipe I shared last year:

What better time to experiment with a wild green colcannon that wild foods expert Hank Shaw posted on his blog the other day? Colcannon is fancy mashed potatoes, usually made with spring onions and kale or cabbage, that the Irish serve with a pat of melty butter.  Hank brilliantly realized this humble side dish would be enhanced with wild greens like cow parsnip or nettles.

As for me, I used the wild onions that spring up in the grass in March in Oregon, and some arugula that had gone feral in my garden.

If I were to change anything in his recipe, I’d blanch the greens first before sauteing them in butter alone, and I’d emphasize strongly that they should be chopped very finely.  No one wants a tough tongue of limp arugula in their mashed potatoes.  And I know from personal experience.

As for me, I’ll be celebrating the green by riding around on my bike this afternoon.  I just got a new lock and a new basket and I need the practice, so I’ve been going out to pick up a loaf of bread or to check out the progress on various neighborhood projects.  Pretty soon I’ll pluck up the nerve to go for a longer outing.  If you see me out in the wild with a flat tire or a broken chain or fighting off some snakes with a staff, help a sister out!




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