let there be light


Stircrazy and freezing, I escaped to the beach for the day last weekend.  It’s been really cold for Eugene, and before you get all indignant about how much colder it is where you live, understand it’s a damp, grey, depressing cold that seeps into your bones like some kind of necrotizing zombie cold.  You can’t shake it, and it tries to eat your brain.

So I fled.IMG_4138IMG_4154

And there was light.  And it was good.


And there were also crabs right off the boat at Luna Sea restaurant in Yachats.  Also good.  I ate a crab dinner and brought some extras home to share.  Last night, we had crab with linguini, red chard, and garlic, with lovely little smoked cayenne chips from Crossroads Farm sprinkled on top.  Tonight it’s Oregon crab soup.

2 thoughts on “let there be light

  1. Keren 23 January 2013 / 6:18 pm

    You describe the Willamette Valley January to a T. Good for you for getting away! I’ve often thought one of the best things about Eugene is its proximity to elsewhere: mountain sun, ocean sun, Portland fun, and Shakespeare. Being here 12-months a year is a little much to ask. Yet we continue walking our well-trodden, sodden paths…I try to remember to see the beauty in the light of fog, the kiss of cloud on hill, the hoar frosts…but it is the woodstove and baked goods with hot steaming cups that comfort. May our dreams of elsewhere come to fruition, and all our times be good ones.


  2. Kathy Shayler 23 January 2013 / 11:57 pm

    We did the same. Newport during the cold. It was chilly, but no wind, and clear, beautiful bay shimmering in the sun. We caught dungeness crabs and sucked on their little legs mercilessly! Nothing like the taste of the ocean in your mouth! Like the oysters at Oregon Oyster Co. by Toledo. Fresh water meets the salt and the oysters are sweet and juicy. Now clam chowder for Friday. Enjoy the warm rains that keep us green.


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