eugene restaurants open on christmas and eve 2012

Jan Steen’s portrait of a baker and his wife, 17th c.

This post is from 2012.  For 2013, click here!

A skosh late, but here’s the annual update of restaurants that will be open on Christmas in our fair (and currently not raining!) city of Eugene, Oregon in 2012.  What else is open on Christmas?  Please comment with additions to the list.

Christmas Hours:

  • Eugene Coffee Company for all your caffeination needs (8 am – 2 pm). “It’s always a fun and busy day on Christmas at the shop. So few places to go and be with people but we are here for you! And a big thank you to Brandie and Jess for offering to work today! Have a great day everyone.”
  • Izakaya Meiji — open normal hours (5 pm – 1 am).
  • Marché Restaurant — open until 1 pm for breakfast/brunch.
  • Barn Light — 6pm – Midnight (only open until 8 pm Christmas Eve).
  • Sweetwater Grill’s Christmas Buffet — open 12 pm – 6 pm
    $ 45.00 adults $ 20.00 children 5-12 years
  • Sixth Street Grill — open 2-10 pm.  “It’s Tuesday which means it’s Burger-n-Brew night! A charbroiled burger topped with cheddar & swiss, thick smoked bacon, avocado, grilled onions & mushrooms on a toasted bun with mayo, lettuce & tomato. And it comes with fries and your choice of a pint of beer or soda for only $7.50!”
  • If you’re interested in national chain restaurants in Eugene and elsewhere open on Christmas, try this helpful link.

Plus, two special Christmas Eve Dinners (call ASAP for reservations — King Estate is 541-942-9874 ext. 132 and Marché is 541-342-3612):

King Estate’s Specials — Christmas Eve

  • Whole Dungeness Crab with Orange Cranberry Slaw, Pommes Frites, Aromatic Butter and Aioli, $27
  • Holiday Meats: Venison Sausage, Duck Breast Prosciutto, Crispy Pork Belly, Lamb Rillet, Sweet Potato, Braised Winter Kale and Apple Cider Sauce, $28

Marché’s Reveillon de Noel Christmas Eve

A Menu in the Spirit of the traditional Christmas Eve Supper in Provence, $40.

  • Hors d’Oeuvres Varies: brandade in puff pastry, celery salad & anchovy dressing, and tapenade croutes
  • Mesclun avec Fromage Frais de Chevre et aux Oranges: mixed winter greens with goat cheese & oranges
  • Canneloni Aux Champignons Sauvages: pasta with wild mushrooms and truffles
  • or Gigot d’Agneau a la Provencale: roast leg of lamb with herbes de provence, creamy polenta & roasted root vegetables
  • or Bouillabaisse: pacific rockfish and shellfish poached in a saffron broth with fennel and leeks, served with croutes & aioli
  • Les Treize Desserts: lavender honey nougat & hazelnuts, pistachio ice cream & dried cherries, date & walnut cake with tangerine creme anglaise, milk chocolate coins with figs, almonds & orange peel.

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