happy start of school!

Have a great term!  And if you are the lucky possessor of a UO food services meal card, check out the new Global Scholars Hall dining room.  We had our Honors College orientation in the new dorm last week, and ate lunch with all the incoming freshmen.  I was pretty impressed — it’s the only place on campus where you can get bahn mi, arancini, freshly made sushi, and Cuban sandwiches, not to mention “think fruit,” which I hope makes one think about the rhetoric of desire deployed in the signage, or who gets to eat what food, where, and why.

Aaaaaand, I’m thrilled that we’ll be interviewing UO Central Kitchen head chef Doug Lang on this Sunday’s Food for Thought.  He’ll be joining food historian Dr. Kyri Claflin, of Boston University’s Gastronomy Program, who will be discussing her new edited collection of essays on writing food history with a global approach, as our special guests on the Back to School edition of the show.  Listen to Food for Thought on KLCC on Sunday at noon (PST) on 89.7FM in Eugene, or its sister stations in Oregon, or live on the web.

2 thoughts on “happy start of school!

  1. Michael 25 September 2012 / 5:30 pm

    Thanks for the mention Jennifer…just so your readers know, the public is welcome and we accept cash, debit or credit :-) check out the bul goi gi chicken or the Thai tiger tears beef skewers at the rice bowl station (house made kimchee and green papaya salad…) and did I mention the macaroni we make fresh daily? Try it a la carbonara or shrimp scampi (with lobster stock)…okay I guess I’m a little proud of the food…oh, and for dessert? Donut Bread Pudding anyone?


  2. Eugenia 25 September 2012 / 5:37 pm

    Very important info about the payment options. They gave us dining cards, so I thought that was the only currency. Thanks, Michael. I thought I recognized you but had no idea you worked there! I’m very impressed that the food is better than at most restaurants in Eugene — you will be inspiring an entire town!


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