Fill it up with regular, and a pint of kombucha, please

I stopped by the SeQuential Biofuels station on 18th and Chambers yesterday to check out the reports I’ve been hearing about excellent, local food at the gas station.  Yes, I had my doubts.  But look what I found!

Where else in the country can you find kombucha on tap at a gas station?  And they compost the sampler cups, too.  Try the White Rose.

Also:  Sweet Life desserts, Humble Bagel pastries, and a decent menu of vegan and meatlovers sandwiches.  And all kinds of good-for-you-and-delicious local snacks and drinks, like Genesis juice, Eugene’s Chocolate Decadence, and Uncle Pete’s broccoli jerky.  Yes, that’s Uncle Pete’s broccoli jerky.

I took my tempeh reuben to go (good, but not as good as mine; I’d grill the bread and use Marché Provisions rye, since the bread is too soft, and change the kraut-tempeh ratio to favor tempeh).  I ate it on the pleasant patio between the gas pumps and the shop.  With a slight breeze through the bamboo and free wi-fi, why wouldn’t I?

You can hear all about it from the CEO of SeQuential Biofuels, Ian Hill, who will be joining Boris and me today on Food for Thought on KLCC.  We hope to continue discussions of the canola controversy in the Willamette Valley, and learn what his company has done for the local restaurant industry.

Also appearing, if that weren’t enough, is the renowned food critic, John Mariani.

I met John while I was in Taiwan, and he’s as charming and hilarious and cantankerous as his “Eat Like a Man” columns in Esquire magazine suggest.  He’ll be chatting with us about the upcoming new edition of his classic Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink, gendered food, and/or the toils and travails of being a restaurant critic in this day and age.

And you can have all of this for the low, low price of free — listen to Food for Thought on KLCC today at noon (PST) on 89.7FM in Eugene, or its sister stations in Oregon, or live on the web.

Edited to add:  Listen to the archive here!

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