jesus is a biscuit

I spied with my little eye a biscuits-and-gravy food cart on my way home from physical therapy, and I’m so glad I stopped.  Why?  Because I ate the most deliciously huge egg and sausage sandwich on a cheesy biscuit that I ever did see.


The cheery red Streets cart on Sixth between Lincoln and Lawrence specializes in biscuits and gravy, but has full breakfast offerings, including waffles and fruit with freshly whipped cream, Greek yogurt and freshly made granola dishes, eggs with ham and sausage, and massive cinnamon buns bursting their spirals with a crust of crunchy cinnamon sugar — so appealing I almost bought one for dessert.

And thank goodness (sort of) I didn’t, since the breakfast sandwich ($5.00) was difficult to hold in my admittedly small hand. It was made freshly as I waited and drank a cup of coffee (no fancy espresso drinks, but the coffee was excellent, only one size available).  An overhard egg, cooked perfectly, a fat sausage patty that could have been seared on a slightly hotter fire, and that marvelous biscuit, buttered up with love.  Sigh.

I’ve always been a bit baffled by Oregon’s unofficial state dish, biscuits and sausage gravy, but I’ll admit to an anti-white mushy monochromatic foods prejudice.  This sausage gravy, I suspect, will be different.  They have two versions, spicy and regular.  The cheesy biscuits are f$*&% fantastic, moist and flavorful, shot through with cheddar.  I don’t have a menu and can’t find one online, but I believe you could choose from buttermilk or cheesy options.

And this food is cheap for what it is: high quality breakfast items, made freshly and quickly.  They serve breakfast until 2 p.m.  I only recall seeing one chair, so it’s more of a takeout place than anything else.

Photo courtesy of Street Ministry Eugene’s website.

By patronizing the cart, you’re also helping former convicts rehab and gain needed job experience.  A project of Street Ministry Eugene, the cart is based on the famous Delancey Street Foundation Restaurant in San Francisco.  It’s run by the Swan family, who have made helping the homeless and downtrodden their lives’ work through their ministry.  The food cart is staffed by ex-offenders, people who need the training and skills to rebuild their lives.  It’s really a great cause.  Read more about it here.


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