learn to can this summer!

Interested in taking canning classes in Eugene this summer?  You’re in luck!  The OSU-Lane County Extension Master Food Preservers are offering many evening classes this year.  They’re miniature versions of our certification program — all hands-on and filled with tips for the novice and intermediate preserving enthusiast.  You’ll go home with a jar of product and a belly full of samples at the end of the evening.  The cost of $40 is dirt cheap for what you get — these classes are usually offered for upwards of $100 elsewhere.

I’m happy to say I’m leading the pickling class again this year on August 24.  The other classes are led by canners with decades of experience and a solid understanding of what beginners need to know (and what books — and god forbid, websites — won’t tell you).  I learn something every time I volunteer to help, and I can’t recommend these classes enough.  Here’s what’s being offered:

  • June 15: Jams & Jellies: Who can go wrong with berry jam? Make some yourself and take some home. Learn about various pectins, how to make low sugar & freezer jam, and jam or jelly without added pectin.
  • July 13: Drying & Freezing: Get the techniques for outstanding dried & frozen foods. No freezer burn here! Or dry some fruit & veggies. Who doesn’t love jerky, pizza leather or gummy worms?
  • July 27: Water Bath Canning: Learn the basics of canning: jar preparation, treatment of fruit, processing in a boiling water canner. Try out the most simple of canning techniques and take home a jar of fruit.
  • August 24: Pickling: From the ancient art of fermentation to quick pickles, learn pickling techniques and get hints about canning with vinegar. Sample vegetable & fruit pickles and take home your own jar.
  • September 14: Tomatoes & Salsa: All those tomatoes—what to do, what to do? Use them to make sauce, salsa or can them for winter use. You’ll enjoy those tomatoes all year: summer in a jar.
  • September 28: Pressure Canning: Afraid of a pressure canner? Don’t be! Learn to use it to safely preserve vegetables, beans and meats for your enjoyment & convenience. Makes opening a jar of beans a whole new experience.

You may download a flyer with the full schedule and more details in .pdf format.  Or, for registration and more information on the MFP website, including additional classes in cooking and canning tuna, click here.  If you’re interested in the jam class, please sign up right away so we can include you in buying supplies.

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