freak snowstorm in eugene: march madness

Three downed power lines in my yard and more branches than I can count from our huge, beautiful elm tree.  No lasting damage and the power’s on now after a day and a half (thanks EWEB!), but there are still a few broken branches that are yet to fall.  The biggest branch that fell from overhead landed right between two rows in the garden, and didn’t hurt a single collard leaf. Downright polite, no?

Hope everything’s ok at your place!


One thought on “freak snowstorm in eugene: march madness

  1. Pat 22 March 2012 / 6:46 pm

    Thats how it was here last week. I had a downed line across my driveway so we were stuck. A few branches down but nothing that hit anything and no power for a day and a half. Thank God I didnt start any spring gardening yet .


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