culinaria eugenius in new york: day 3 of the cookbook conference

The conference has been illuminating, and I’m fascinated by the range of attendees — I’ve chatted with various curators and librarians and editors and authors, a 18th century meal re-enactor, urban restaurant researchers, a Southern tomato cookbook writer, a specialist in Abraham Lincoln’s cooking world,  a medieval historian, several recipe indexers, white paper writers, and a collector of old copper cookware.  Some panels are being live-broadcasted here. I hope they’re planning to archive these panels, as I’ve chosen mine based on an assumption I’ll be able to watch more later.

ETA:  Check out more details and a link to my photos of Chinatown and the Brooklyn Museum on this post.

Not interested in the conference? Come walk around outside with me and look in store windows.

American values.

Love for sale.

Old love, new love, every love but true love.

And a pastrami eggroll.  More on this soon.


2 thoughts on “culinaria eugenius in new york: day 3 of the cookbook conference

  1. Eugenia 18 February 2012 / 6:24 am

    Hi Jennifer, it was a pleasure to meet you, as well! I’ve posted another one about the New York trip, and will address the corned beef eggroll soon. Enjoyed your recap.


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