a tale of three tacos

A short tale, considering I gobbled them down as fast as can be.  One of the highlights of my week is my grading session at Belly Taco Night.  It always puts me in a good mood, which one needs when one is grading.  Held just once a week on Mondays (5:30-9 pm), Belly Taco Night is usually quite busy, so prepare to wait just a bit.  And don’t mind the lady with the stack of papers in the corner.

This week, I didn’t have grading to do, so I actually read a book while eating (top to bottom) carnitas taco, carne asada special taco with habanero and cilantro salsas, and a shrimp tostada.  What a pleasure.  The nice thing was I was sitting at the bar, which has great light for photos, so I can finally share some photographic love.

Stay tuned for news from Belly…I hear it’s expanding, just like my own belly.

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