the inside scoop

We heard Boondockers Farm last weekend on KLCC’s Food for Thought discuss the capital needed to run a small farm.  So many of our fledgling cottage businesses in Eugene and the surrounding countryside that provide us with exceptional local food operate on a slim profit margin and often can’t raise the funds for a piece of equipment or rental space needed to succeed.  Small grants or successful capital campaigns can make all the difference.

Another example: Red Wagon Creamery, Eugene’s only organic, locally sourced, mobile ice cream outfit.  Emily and Stuart make ice cream by night and scoop by day in a cart that moves from the Midtown Marketplace to festivals to the parking lot at 28th and Friendly shared by PartyCart.  Their ice cream is Philadelphia-style, made with fresh milk, not a pre-mixed ice cream base, and the flavors are cleaner and more intense than the usual.

Help them get a bigger machine, a wheeled cart, and a shed by clicking this link to Kickstarter!

If you’ve never browsed Kickstarter, it’s pretty cool.  It is a philanthropic social networking site that allows artists and artisans to propose creative projects that need private funding. Instead of a single wealthy benefactor, the projects can be successfully funded by many smaller donations from philanthropists who like the idea.  Philanthropists like you, who might only be able to afford $10 or $100.  Check it out!

Tomorrow on the show, we’ll be talking about the upcoming Local Food Connection conference, and efforts to bolster local food and ag commerce in Lane County.  Listen in on KLCC (89.7), Sundays at noon.

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