culinaria eugenius in seattle: meet and beet

Nothing quite like sharing an afternoon meal with someone whose company you’ve always enjoyed.  And yes, I meant my dining companion, not the beets.

Sitka and Spruce small plates for lunch.  Share ’em.  We opted for the delicious (compulsory, even) wafer-thin beet slices with an itsy bitsy bit too much feta, emmer, mint, and dukkha; a mezze tower made of a base of chopped carrot spread and nondescript hummus with delicious curly kale, red cabbage, and pine nuts atop; delicious Oregon anchovies, which were delicious because, of course, they are Oregonian; a study in beige — not-so-smoked golden trout, lightly pickled cabbage, potato, and crème fraîche with artful dill; and “raw” olives that were cured poseurs.  Detached service.  A slightly flabby white.  But we forgive you for the latter peccadilloes, just because we’re so happy.


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