restaurants open in eugene on christmas, 2011 edition

This post is from 2011.  For 2013, click here!

What’s open in Eugene on Christmas 2011?

Thanks to commenter MJM, who reminded me that I need to post my annual search for Christmas restaurants.  MJM notes:  “According to, last year [in 2010,]  Shari’s, IHOP, Sixth Street Grill, Marie Callendar and Empire Buffet were all open for Christmas.”  Are they open this year?  Let me know if you have a lead on these places or others.

Industrious elves have already noticed that Izakaya Meiji is open on Christmas.  This is a note of serious cheer, folks.  Retrogrouch and I had dinner there for the first time in many months, and I was thrilled by how strong the menu and service are now.  Really fine meal.  And a nice smoky whiskey cocktail.

King Estate will put forth another delicious goose dinner on Christmas Eve (note: not Christmas) this year. Edited to add: Rabbit Bistro and PartyCart also open on Christmas Eve, as are a number of other places.  See Melissa Haskin’s blog entry for a list (and be sure to look at the link in the comments for Springfield eateries, too).

And…for those of you who are already ready to usher out the old year — and who isn’t, for Chrissake? — several local eateries are planning special menus for New Year’s Eve, including Osteria Sfizio, Nib, and Red Agave.

For those of you seeking service opportunities on Christmas, the Lane County Human Services Commission is hosting its annual Senior Holiday Dinner at the Hilton:

The 33rd annual Senior Holiday Dinner needs your support.

This local tradition, which gives senior community members an opportunity to celebrate the holidays with their peers, is seeking community financial support. The dinner is held on Christmas Day at the Eugene Hilton and Conference Center. The cost of the dinner to seniors is nominal, $7 per person. Any support significantly helps to defray the entire cost of the event.

Local senior community members age 62 or older may attend the dinner, which is coordinated by Lane County’s Human Services Commission on behalf of the Lane County Board of Commissioners. Approximately 650 seniors are expected to attend the full turkey dinner that includes entertainment, dancing, and door prizes.

Contributions from individuals and businesses are needed to make this event possible.

Monetary donations may be mailed directly to Lane County Human Services Commission at 125 E. Eighth, Eugene, OR  97401. (Please note Senior Holiday Dinner with donation.) Other door prize gift ideas could include gift certificates or merchandise. All donations will go toward making the Senior Dinner a special event for local seniors!

In addition to contributions, volunteers provide critical support for the event. Volunteers are needed to provide seniors with transportation to and from the event (most seniors attending the event live within the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area) and the event needs other volunteers to serve as host-hostesses and servers.

For more information, call Sydney Shook 541-337-6174 or e-mail:

Any other volunteer opps?  Please comment below.

PS. The photo is my Christmas salsa, made from the last of my tomatoes and Christmas miracle cilantro still sprouting in my herb bed on December 7.  Can you see why I’m having a hard time coping with winter?


7 thoughts on “restaurants open in eugene on christmas, 2011 edition

  1. Granny T. 19 December 2011 / 7:01 pm

    House of Chen said they would be open on Christmas.


  2. Eugenia 23 December 2011 / 8:11 pm

    Thanks, Melissa! I’ll link your blog entry. Also, note that Rabbit Bistro is open on Christmas Eve.


  3. Eugenia 23 December 2011 / 8:24 pm

    Also PartyCart on Christmas Eve.


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