meal of the week: garden tomato caponata and puttanesca

I like the Food for Thought on KLCC “meal of the week” feature so much I think I’m going to start posting images of my own meals of the week.

Here’s last week’s, a delicious appetizer of caponata, the eggplant spread with my own garden tomatoes, basil, onions, and dehydrated tiny grapes; and a main course of pasta puttanesca, made all the more delicious with a fresh tomato sauce and marjoram.

The tomatoes in both are ‘Amish Paste,’ an amazing paste tomato that grew much better for me this year compared to last year.  Several of the tomatoes are near 1-pounders!

Want the recipes?  The caponata is Mario Batali’s Sicilian interpretation made deep and thick with balsamic and cocoa.  Use the version in the comments that is from his cookbook (more tomato sauce and oil, and I’d omit the sugar completely since it’s already too sweet). The puttanesca was inspired by a New York Times article.  Fresh tomatoes and high quality anchovies are key.

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