oregon mfp food safety hotline 2011 open for season!

Canning for the first time?  Wondering if Grandma’s pickle recipe is safe?

Call 1-800-354-7319!

The annual Oregon MFP Food Safety Hotline is now open through mid-October each week from M-Th 9-4 p.m.  We welcome all calls from Oregon with questions about food preservation and safety.

This is the first year the hotline has been located in Douglas County, after many years in the now-defunct Lane County Extension office.  Believe it or not, certified Lane County volunteers are making the trip down to Roseburg on a regular basis to train and staff the hotline this summer.  Didn’t I tell you these ladies were dedicated volunteers?  Headed up by our beloved Donna Crosiar (above), who has forgotten more about preservation than I’ll ever know, the hotline is still in good hands.

By the way, if you want research-based preservation recipes, we have them up on our Lane Extension website.  Hard to find a link (and negotiate that site in general), so I’m linking them here.


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