party on

This I must stress: if you haven’t checked out PartyCart yet, you’re missing out.  It’s a food cart of the highest standards at Friendly Street and 28th.  They aren’t messing around.  Here’s your opportunity to get local, organic, whimsical food made by people who know what they’re doing and do it with joy.

Try, for example, this BLT tart, its slightly bitter green lettuce mousse (!) mellowed way the F out with smoky bacon and the first pear tomatoes out of Groundwork Organics.  Mark cures many of his meats; Tiffany bakes with Hunton flour.

You’ll sit in a parking lot, dine on mismatched Goodwill tableware, and balance your plate on the single massive table that slopes in the middle, ensuring you’ll talk to your neighbors.  I ate my BLT tart and a corn/broccoli cake with fried egg and padron peppers with Groundwork’s own Gabe Cox.  A most pleasingly dashing curmudgeon, if I may take the liberty to say so.

And if you try the food, don’t forget the drinks.  PartyCart is one of the only venues in town (Belly and Rabbit Bistro are others) that carries Indie Pop, a new venture for bartenders Richard Geil and Melanie Mikell.  The strawberry-wheatberry is pictured above.  Perfect, perfect, perfect on a summer day.

(I’m hating myself a little for writing this post, ‘cuz I want to keep you to myself, PartyCart!  But a party is no party unless there’s a crowd, right?  Right.  Cry.)


2 thoughts on “party on

  1. Richard Del Guercio 14 July 2011 / 2:29 pm

    love the PartyCart. party.


  2. BigSteve 22 July 2011 / 8:14 am

    Party Cart rules when it comes to gourmet food and affordable prices. Since the menu changes regularly, you can always try something new. I love the Party Cart.


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