western japan meets the west coast: my article on kamitori hits the stands!

My latest restaurant review in the Register-Guard has appeared today in the food section.  It’s a discussion of the excellent, Japanese-style sushi at Kamitori restaurant, and some of the Western Japan specialties made by Chef Masa Itai.  He’s pictured to the left, preparing kaisen-don or chirashi sushi, a bowl of seasoned rice with fish slices and various garnishes atop.  This lovely picture and others were taken by R-G photographer Paul Carter.

Chef Itai told me that he’s added a “Kamitori Assorted” selection for folks who’d like to try Osaka-style pressed sushi (oshi-sushi) in a sampler with other types of sushi.

Remember, go on Thursday for the best selection of fish, since that’s the day he gets it from abroad. Last week, we had a translucent sea bass sashimi (with a tiny delicacy — a tidbit of texturized, crunchy raw fin!), wild yellowtail (I think he called it hiramasa buri, if I recall correctly) and horse mackerel (aji) sushi, and a grilled black cod in miso.  You can’t get ANYTHING like this elsewhere in Eugene.

By the way, the print copy has a regrettable error in the caption to one photo that doesn’t appear in the online version.  I’ll be sure to ask to see captions before print in the future.  The pictured dish is actually the chirashi sushi you see being prepared by Chef Itai.  The “Osaka-style sushi” is in the background of that photo, and you can see just one piece, with eel, on the plate in the photo I’ve reposted here.

See other reviews of Kamitori at Urbanspoon.

Kamitori Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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