in which she yearns for an egg biscuit and ends up with pickles

I saw a photo yesterday on PartyCart’s Facebook page and was struck by longing at 7 a.m.  WHY aren’t they open for breakfast, whined I, why?

Luckily, they were very much open when I swung back around at 3, and I was able to buy the egg biscuit with Southern braised greens, housemade pancetta, and tomato jam that I had been craving.  And I even got to take my own photo, if slightly less luscious looking.  If you haven’t been to PartyCart, go.  It’s in the Healthy Pet parking lot at 28th and Friendly, across the street from J-Tea (whom, I see, has a new blog).  Friendly neighborhood representing, yo!

As I was musing on eggs and happenstance, a gentleman (background of photo above) offered me a taste of his friend’s bread and butter pickle chips.  Although I’ve learned the interesting way not to accept sweets from strange men, I threw caution to the wind and I’m glad I did.  (It also helped that the gentleman was the boyfriend of one of the cart parties, and I’m all for supporting local picklers.)

Wow.  Spicy, sweet, classic bread and butter cucumber pickles, made locally and deliciously by a man seeking to diversify from his contracting work.  You can support his endeavors by ordering some at Kurzhal Family Pickles, 541.517.7302, or inquire at the cart to show your interest.  The jalapeño provides a healthy bite, be warned, but I haven’t tasted better bread and butters.

4 thoughts on “in which she yearns for an egg biscuit and ends up with pickles

  1. Sharon 10 May 2011 / 8:47 pm

    These are the most awesome pickles, hot, but not too hot. I’ve been told they are an old German recipe from his grandmother.
    Even my 2 yr old granddaughter loves them. Yum!


  2. mckenzie kimm 11 May 2011 / 7:30 am

    I am PartyCarts Facebook photographer and i just want to say, pictures will never do this food justice. It is far better than it looks. If you havent been there go. You wont be sorry.

    Ps. the yolk looks so beautiful in you picture,
    if you want to see more delicious food porn like- delicious photography on Facebook


  3. Eugenia 11 May 2011 / 3:11 pm

    Yep, the food is pretty amazing! The Facebook link is in the first paragraph of my post for those who’d like to check out more of McKenzie’s photos.


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