eugene downtown farmer’s market opening day 2011

If the number of consumers and quality of spring produce are any indication, we’re in for a rockin’ year.  Good luck, farmers!  You looked great out there!

Above: produce from Lost Creek Farm.

Below: sprouting brassicas from McKenzie River Farm and ‘Black Dakota’ popcorn in action from Lonesome Whistle Farm.

Below: the crowd goes wild (for scented geraniums) and one particularly fashionable Gentleman Jim shows off just how much produce can fit into a Eugene-based Archival Clothing rucksack.  Ooh-la-local.

That particular gentleman also accompanied me to the annual plant sale at Food for Lane County’s Grass Roots garden, where we picked up red gooseberries, dill weed, kale, and sweetpeas.

The kids were out working in the fields, as kids should.  Below: fields, with vermiculture compost box and wheelbarrows full of finished compost just waiting for the pitter  patter of little feet.