letter carriers food drive in lane county dec. 4 and 11

If you live in Lane County (or other places with a regional fall Letter Carriers Food Drive), please don’t forget to put out a bag of canned and boxed food for your postal carrier to pick up on Saturday, December 4 and/or Saturday, December 11. Food reserves are down significantly this year, and there is increasing need, so this is an important drive.

If you have time today, please consider stopping by the market to pick up high-protein, low-salt items like canned tuna or peanut butter.  For other suggestions for foods to donate, click here.  I always keep my eye out for buy-one-get-one-free items that I actually use, then donate the free one to my box for food drives.

By the way, I’ve always found this event notoriously unadvertised.  I had to scout around on the internet just to find information for my own area, knowing that we do this each year.  If you are unsure whether you have a postal carriers drive, check your local news stations’ websites or call the post office.  Apparently, organizations that used to provide funding in some areas for notification postcards no longer do so, so don’t rely on a notion that you would have heard about it if your area has a drive.  Sad, but true.


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