outsourcing latkes

Well, Hanukkah starts tomorrow night (Dec. 1), but Retrogrouch has sworn off potatoes and fried foods in general.  I have a nice bag of turnips, and we both like that delicious Chinese turnip cake that’s part of many dim sum spreads, but meh.  I eat latkes once a year and a turnip cake just isn’t gonna cut it.  I could provide you with my (rather stellar, if I do say so myself) latke recipe that features purely, freshly squoze potato starch and microplaned juicy onion, but it’s too depressing.

But wait, The Humble Beagle to the rescue!  From their Facebook page:

If the thought of stinking up your kitchen doesn’t appeal, come to The Beagle for homemade latkes (potato pancakes) every night of Chanuka, starting tomorrow! There’ll also be a hanukkiah on the bar, just like home.

Our hanukkiah (a.k.a. menorah) is buried in the Christmas decoration boxes (yeah, yeah, I know), so it won’t be like home.  But I bet their latkes are good.  Unless there’s too much onion.  Bah humbug.  I need an injection of holiday spirit, since these Candy Cane Joe-Joes aren’t cutting it.


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