behold the pippin

The Newtown Green Pippin is an apple variety older than our union, and has resurfaced with much hullabaloo in New York in the past few years.  Better yet, it was found growing on a street in Portland (or so the internets tell me) and we now have it in Oregon.  If you’re looking for the piney, crisp, tart eating variety of apple, Pippin’s your gal.  Retrogrouch decreed that I must go back to the farm immediately and buy more.

These were the first Pippins I’ve ever had, and I’m a big fan.  Grown at Monticello and once shipped over the Atlantic to Queen Victoria’s palace, they ripen in storage. The flavor mellows, but I like the green taste.  Good for pies and eating out of hand.  The apple is identified by its russeting, lopsided top (this example doesn’t have much of either, but look at the examples in the Ark of Taste for russeting and in Adam’s Apples (a blog of apple varieties) for the hunchback, if you need to see them for identifying purposes.

So where can you get these beauties?  Hentze Farm has lugs full.  I went down there to grab some veggies and my 2o lbs. (!) of cranberries, which Gordon and crew were storing for those of us who went in on the order.  These apples called to me.


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