think of the pumpkin seeds!

Spare pumpkins?  Please carve an extra for ShelterCare‘s Jack-O-Lantern fundraiser on October 30 at 5th Street Market, or consider donating pumpkins for carving to the Lane County Master Gardeners.  ShelterCare is aiming for 5,000 pumpkins!

This is from an email sent by the MG coordinator:

Don’t forget to carve a pumpkin for Shelter Care’s annual Jack-O-Lanterns on 5th. This is a fun event that will allow us to spread the word that Master Gardeners are still active in Lane County. Tom Kulick put MGs in for 15, but the more the scarier. Their sponsors give them $5 for every pumpkin!

Shelter Care will provide us with a sign while we provide the Jack-O- Lanterns. You can carve/paint your pumpkin and drop it off at the 5th street market south parking lot (off 6th) starting at 9:00 am on the 30th of Oct.

If you have pumpkins that you want to donate we will have a carving party on the 29th of Oct.  If you have 3 or fewer drop them off at the Extension Office (783 Grant  – between Garfield and Chambers) if you have more than 3 give Tom a call (541-465-4545) or drop him an email ( to arrange a convenient time and place for pick up.

Check out the web site for details.

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