nosh pit moves to new location, new project in works

The Nosh Pit has moved from Kesey Plaza to the university area, starting today.  I did not see you in line outside of PLC Hall on Kincaid between 13th and 14th, which meant there was more pulled pork for me.  Haha!

But seriously, university folks, stop by and give the Nosh Pit a try.  Good local food and especially great meat.  They change up the menu every few days, stopping in a variety of global destinations.  The picture is old, but should give you a sense of what I mean: it’s their Jamaican hash with jerk chicken and a fried egg.

Today I was almost swayed away from the pork to the lamb meatball soup, and I know many of you wouldn’t be able to resist their chanterelle mac and cheese.  The prices are great for local meats and produce, too.  You’ll be helping out new parents, too — owners Corey and Nicole are due any day to have their baby, and they could use your support!

There’s more food cart news that I’ve heard in my perambulations around town.  New bbq cart coming to 7th and Chambers, and a new chili stand to open up on Kesey Plaza, just in time for winter warming needs.  Be there!


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