what i did on my summer vacation

I canned anxiously, fretfully, distractedly, grumpily between deadlines.  Take THAT, CV!  Delicious, jammy, pickly, tomatoey, sauerkrauted THAT.  The sad thing is that I didn’t have the time to do my annual summer mailing of jam to interested family and friends.  Ah well, all we have is time.

Top row: jalapeno salsa, pure tomato sauce, ketchup (last year), roasted roma sauce, tuna.

Middle row: dill relish (last year), dilled green tomato slices, sauerkraut, apple sauce (last year), pickled asparagus, wax and green dilly beans, senfgurken sweet mustard pickle.

Bottom row: various jams (Czech apricot with Becherovka, elephant plum (last year), tayberry Old Bachelor and Old Spinster (with homemade red fruit liqueur and rose geranium, respectively), loganberry, mixedberry, blackberry Brulé, cabernet and lemon curd I bought last winter, and vinegar quarts (in front are chive blossom and homemade datu puti with cane vinegar, chiles, onion, and garlic).


2 thoughts on “what i did on my summer vacation

  1. lynn 30 September 2010 / 1:25 pm

    Awesome variety! You will eat like royalty all winter :)


  2. egrau 30 September 2010 / 8:44 pm

    Wow! Sure makes me feel like I’ve been lazy.
    The jams sound DELICIOUS – I’m planning on making some Old Bachelor this weekend. What’s the blackberry Brulé? Sounds like it must be good.


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