noodle n thai: a springfield surprise

If you’re working as hard as me, trying to get summer (spring?) projects finished before school starts at the end of the month, you will surely need a new Thai restaurant to help.  Check out my latest restaurant review for Noodle N Thai in Springfield.  It appeared this week in Eugene Weekly‘s Chow! quarterly dining guide.  I think the Register-Guard really dropped the ball on this one, as the quasi-review in the strange Q&A format restaurant column last month didn’t pick up on the fact that they make their own noodles and curry pastes.  This is Crucial Information, fellow foodies, Crucial.  (And I would encourage all restaurant reviewers to eat more than one dish one time at a restaurant before writing a review…these shouldn’t be marketing pieces but an assessment of the food!) Pictured above, Thai “spaghetti” red curry, made with said homemade curry paste and rice noodles.

By the way, the restaurant is down the street from Momma’s Kitchen, a great place for fried chicken.  The reviews have been mixed, but my admittedly and unabashedly northern taste buds quite enjoyed it, especially the collards and fried okra.


4 thoughts on “noodle n thai: a springfield surprise

  1. Robin 18 September 2010 / 1:01 pm

    Thanks so much for your earlier recommendation. We went last month and are huge fans! My husband took family there last week and said the place was packed.


  2. Ellen Singer 20 September 2010 / 2:54 pm

    Lunched there today… dee-licious!!


  3. Brian Hartwig 18 October 2010 / 8:48 pm

    Well Robin, you can always call in an order-to-go! You can even know what you want by clicking the menu link associated. (I put this up for Owen and Pat. Over the following weekend, I will update it to includes sites like this, with reviews. So if you happen to know of others, excluding Yelp! and Urban Spoon, please let me know. (

    And yes, they have been open almost 7 months now! They opened March 29, 2010. They are in the same building as cjb Sweety’s (

    I have enjoyed their food immensely. I spent quite a bit of time and money (to eat) there in their first few months. I have enjoyed the company and food quite a bit! I personally tend to lean towards the Larb Salad, with ground beef, but all-in-all, it is hard to choose when all is so delicious. If you are a “light” eater, or you have any kids/child(ren) with you, then the meals can easily be split between two people. (They serve ample portions for the price.)


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