heat wave

Triple digits today, maybe.  Water, water, water!  I have a number of volunteer cucurbits of different sizes and varieties.  I may be propagating watery winter Safeway cucumbers; we’ll see!

The lettuce has been slow to bolt, but the arugula has gone to hell.  I’m making a Zolfino bean salad with these lovely striated arugula flowers, celery, and freshly pulled red onions and shallots.

I’ve one artichoke left…will probably leave it because I and the bees like the giant thistleflower it becomes.  Pulled out a number of bolting cilantro, both for the flowers and the roots, which are used in Thai cooking.  And in my Oregon shrimp ceviche, now marinating in the ‘fridge, yum.

Solar power!  My tomatoes are almost supernatural this year.  I used a new organic fertilizer.  Will they crash and burn?  I’m a little afraid of them.  You can just see the galvanized trash can that holds my potatoes in the back of the frame.  Maybe I’ll dig out a few new potatoes?

But it’s already too late for today.  To the airconditioned cave, Batprofessor!