more rain

More rain…and I’m out of Sluggo.  Time to buy the industrial sized bag, I’m afraid.  In the short respite of sun yesterday, I managed to prep the cucumber row, weed a few areas, and plant my watermelon, zucchini and patty pan squash (‘Benning’s Green Tint,’ bought on whim at MOC) starts.

My peppers are doing ok.  They seem to be happy in the new bed, even without the sun, and I’ve already noticed some growth.  My tomatoes are growing up strong and fearless, much to my surprise.  I think it’s the new organic fertilizer I’m using.

I harvested two new potatoes on an extra potato plant I pulled out to make room for the zucchini.  Adorable little things.  Can’t wait for their brothers.

In other news, I found the squirrels had decimated my strawberry bed, eating at least a dozen of the biggest, best unripe berries.  Not happy.  So I improvised a fence around part of the patch, hoping at least some will remain to ripen when the %&@#$^#&! sun comes out.  I should probably throw out some seeds or something for them if they’re that hungry.

Today, before the rain really starts to fall, I just need to transplant the beets and basil (maybe), and put in the beans, cucumbers, and one more set of squash (chioggia di marina).  Then it’s sit back and pray for sun.

EDITED TO ADD:  Ooh, sun for 2 minutes!  I’m completely soaked, having just finished planting two kinds of cucumbers (McPick hybrid pickling and Cornichon Fin de Meaux from France), Chioggia di Marina squash — one hill from seed saved from Anthony Boutard’s squash, and two hills from Seed Savers (by the elderberry and on the V of the lettuce bed), and three kinds of beans: vermont cranberry (E), Hutterite soup bean (W), and Maxibel bush (W side of peas). I’ve got…

— excuse me while I go kick some strawberry-eating rodent @ss —

Sorry.  I’ve got two kinds of dill: a Dukat start and Mammoth seed at the south ends of my three middle rows, and Detroit beet seeds and transplants in front of my herb bed.  Found a Za’atar marjoram that overwintered, and my new marjoram is doing well.  Basil is looking sorry.  I’m not sure what to do.  I think I need a cloche.


5 thoughts on “more rain

  1. Gary Rondeau 6 June 2010 / 9:00 am

    Culinaria, The sogginess is frustrating and there are always pests. I’ve been having trouble with sparrow pecking at the beautiful pea blossoms, and they completely obliterated some cucumber starts I had waiting on my planting table before I figured out the pests were flying in. It’s always something – but then, other things do splendidly. Ellen and I have been eating large salads every day. The cabbages and broccoli are doing better than usual. Some years we eat strawberries – this year maybe it’s a sauerkraut year.

    (Already saved some seed, too: )

    Best wishes,


  2. A 6 June 2010 / 12:14 pm

    My allergies were awful yesterday, so I am happy for the return of the rain. But I don’t have a garden (because of the aforementioned allergies).


  3. jocelynh 6 June 2010 / 4:24 pm

    What kind of fertilizer are you using? I think I need some of that.


  4. Eugenia 7 June 2010 / 7:31 am

    JocelynH: It’s the general Down to Earth vegetable growth forumula (don’t know the name, but it has a tomato on the bag).

    Many gardeners mix their own out of organic N, P, and K sources, but I’m lazy. I do see the benefit of being about to relax the N (for potatoes, for example) or add more N (for alliums), though. I might have to get myself in gear next year.

    I used to use MiracleGro foliar sprays throughout the growing season. When I stopped using chemical fertilizers, I became really bad about mid-season applications. This year, I’m trying to follow guidelines about feeding the plants that are heavy feeders more regularly, based on recommendations. So far things look much, much better than last year, even with the rain.

    So in short, I think it’s less the kind of fertilizer than the amount you use, and how regularly you use it.


  5. Lexa 7 June 2010 / 2:04 pm

    Great recap. I think we are all getting a bit crazy waiting for the sun to show-up and stay. Like you , I finally just went ahead and planted my beans and winter squash this last weekend. I am anxious to hear this fall about how you store and then use your beans. I am growing them for the first time, both bush and pole dry. Fun stuff!


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