tomatoes 2010…and peppers?

My list of 2010 tomatoes is (I think) complete.  Someone stop me from buying more!  Beautiful, healthy starts this year, thanks to that warm spell a while back.  The season is “iffy,” though, because of the cold snap now, according to at least one tomato farmer.  We shall see.

Here are the tomatoes I’m putting in.  What about you?

  • Oregon Spring (early small round, glowing review in Territorial catalogue)
  • Moskovich (early small round, favorite of several growers)
  • Black Prince (new early small round black)
  • Saucey (best plum I’ve tried)
  • Amish Paste (plum recommended by Anthony Boutard)
  • Ananas Noire (yellow, green, and red slicer)
  • Cherokee Purple (third generation saved seeds from a start I gave a neighbor)
  • Black Krim (black slicer)
  • Sun Gold (perennial favorite cherry chez nous)
  • Sweet Million (ditto)

And PNWesterners, what do you do about peppers?  We have better luck with anaheim- or cubanelle-type, thin-skinned peppers than the large thick-walled bells in Western Oregon, but these squat ones were a bumper crop at the farmer’s market last year.  I had a great, albeit late, yield on habaneros last year, and jalapeños always do well for me, as do long Hungarian mild peppers.  I bought one NuMex anaheim, and will be experimenting with a few more, including chilacas (if I can find starts).  Any varieties that always work for you?

7 thoughts on “tomatoes 2010…and peppers?

  1. Shayda 9 May 2010 / 10:13 am

    What kind of supports do you use for the tomatoes?


  2. Eugenia 9 May 2010 / 11:01 am

    I use big tomato cages (the galvanized wire ones — I think they’re 60 inches tall total) plus 6-foot wood stakes (usually 2-3 per plant) that I tie the tallest stalks to at the end of the season.


  3. Eugenia 10 May 2010 / 6:11 am

    Interesting bamboo, Gary! We’ve grown Brandywine every year until now. We’re always happy with the few tomatoes we get, but I thought I’d branch out this year. Isis Candy wasn’t that great for me, but others seem to like it. And I really liked Black Plum (for sauce) when I grew it a few years ago.


  4. Lexa 11 May 2010 / 5:50 pm

    I currently have 10 varieties and just printed out Jeff of Garden of Eaton ( Saturday Market) master list that he e-mailed me- Yikes. Would someone tell me where I put my willpower. I can’t seem to find it!


  5. Eugenia 11 May 2010 / 6:03 pm

    We can compare notes on Black Cherry. I was almost sucked in to buying Persimmon because the reviews are so good. Keep me posted on that one!


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