babies to eat

Yup, I’m just going to own this eating babies thing.  Here’s a baby fig I plan to eat.

And here’s a baby lemon and its friends.  Yum.

I can’t wait to devour these baby red currants.

Or my first crop of blueberry-like haskap berries, unsuspecting in their infant form.

And behold a not-yet succulent cluster of elderberry flower buds, just waiting for my gaping maw.  Fear me, spring fruits of the vine, shrub, bush, and tree.

One thought on “babies to eat

  1. Chris 6 May 2010 / 10:10 am

    Funny, I was thinking about plucking up some of my baby lettuce seedlings and chowing on them.

    I suppose it’s OK to just eat the weak runts as I thin them?


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