dark days #16: springing for lamb

This week’s Dark Days winter eating local challenge is all about spring.  I sprung at the chance to attend a lamb butchering demo at Benedetti’s Meat Market this weekend and brought home some succulent grass-fed lamb loin and shoulder chops from Anderson Ranches in Brownsville.  (I’ll write more about the meat class later this week, but I wanted to squeak in under the DD deadline.)

Retrogrouch fired up the ol’ Weber, and I gave the ultrafresh, pliable lamb chops a sprinkle of fresh rosemary with blooming purple flowers and a slick of olive oil.  Just a hint of salt and pepper and they were good to go.  We served them as is, with some fresh mesclun salad greeens from one of the local farms patronizing our winter farmer’s market (outside Hideaway Bakery on Saturday mornings).  I’ve never had such wonderful lamb.


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