comfy confit article in the R-G!

Check out my latest article for the Eugene Register-Guard, an exploration of making confit on a budget at home.  It features my faux-confit chicken drummettes (which are a version of the recent NYT less-fat duck confit recipe), my adaptation for chicken drumsticks of Married…with Dinner’s wonderful, authentic duck confit recipe, and a recipe for a delicious, simple salad with shredded duck confit from Brendan Mahaney of Belly. The picture above is my own frisée salad with the faux-confit chicken drums, blue cheese, hazelnuts and pickled beets.

If you get the paper version of the newspaper, please fill out the survey in the Living section to show your support for more local cooking articles!  I’d love to do regular features on food preservation, but without your support, I’m not sure that it’s understood that this is a major trend in local cooking across America. You can also take the survey online, but I don’t have the link right now.  I’ll post it later!

Yum yum!

3 thoughts on “comfy confit article in the R-G!

  1. Tres Pyle 4 February 2010 / 11:35 pm

    I love duck confit; and I loved the R-G article. What a great combination of recipe, restaurants, and research. I loved the NYT piece on home-cooked confit, but I’m the only duck eater in my house, so the chicken leg confit is next up for the brood….

    Oh, and let’s get the R-G to get their heads on straight and get you as a regular: it’s a no-brainer…


  2. Eugenia 5 February 2010 / 2:34 pm

    Thanks, Tres. Let me know what you think! For little ones, the faux-confit drummettes might be even better than the larger legs. They’re the best “chicken wings” I’ve ever had.


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