happy birthday to culinaria eugenius!

Sometimes I think it might be fun to have kids.  I’ve had two close friends and other acquaintances recently have babies, and while they’re cute, I don’t feel any sparks of envy — or desire — brewing inside me when I look at them.

But when I see a picture like the above, then I think, hey!  This could work!

So until I buy some barrels and old-timey rags for my prospective sauerkraut-making urchins, I will just celebrate the natal anniversary of my own offspring:  Culinaria Eugenius is two!  It’s been such a pleasure to have the forum and reader interest in my little blog the past two years.  I hope to continue many more.  I have some changes in the works for the format of the blog, and even its mission, that won’t take place for some months.  But I’d like to announce, at least, that the blog is going to focus more on preservation techniques, since I’m more and more committed to using local produce and meats year-round.  Stay tuned.

By the way, the picture is one of many collected at the Yellowstone Gateway Museum, a small regional museum currently raising funds to continue the digital archiving project of a huge collection donated by a local photographer, Doris Whithorn.  You can check out or order many images and books, all of which document the area around our first National Park, by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “happy birthday to culinaria eugenius!

  1. baltimoregon 25 January 2010 / 4:53 pm

    Congrats! Great photo. I’m going out to forage some young dandelion greens in the yard now.


  2. shornrapunzel 25 January 2010 / 6:39 pm

    happy blog-birthday! I have so been enjoying following your posts since I found you last summer. It’s fun to read the food adventures of another cook in Eugene.


  3. Ceri 25 January 2010 / 10:01 pm

    Happy Blogiversary!


  4. Lexa 31 January 2010 / 5:38 pm

    Happy Birthday. I am so glad that I discovered your blog through the Dark Days Challenge and look forward to reading it in teh coming year. Happy eating preserving! Go extention!


  5. Eugenia 1 February 2010 / 6:53 am

    Thanks, everyone!


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