facebook page up and running

I finally have a Facebook page for Culinaria Eugenius!  All signs point to yes that it will be automatically updating the feed.  There’s a rather unattractive badge in my sidebar that will take you to the page.  (I also have a Twitter account, but I rarely use it, so it’s hardly worth mentioning.)  I have also installed a widget that allows you to receive Culinaria Eugenius posts via email.  If something goes awry, please let me know.

And, in other news, I am very proud to announce the birth of my Dissertation Draft Memorial Raised Bed.  It reclaims part of our lawn for vegetables, and one of the sunniest spots in the whole yard!  The perimeter bed is also greatly expanded this year.

The DDMRB was made using the cold composting lasagna method.  Several months before you plan to plant, combine brown (carbon) and green (nitrogen) sources in a pile, then wait as it slowly rots down.  I combined mixed leaves from the city delivery, pounds of paper shreds made from my dissertation drafts, food scraps, coffee grounds, and blood meal.  I think it’s a fitting tribute to the blood, sweat, and tears shed over my dissertation.  And if we can grow something from it, it will have been worth it.

I was going through some old photos a moment ago, and found this one.  I hope it’s an inspiration for everyone who is thinking about growing a garden but doesn’t feel like getting out there in the rain/cold to prep the beds.  My mom has gardened for many years, but last summer she doubled her efforts and had a huge garden, growing all sorts of things she hadn’t tried before.  It makes me miss that good Michigan soil to see that big ol’ cabbage and the celery.  I hope my garden is half as good as this next summer!

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