frozen leaves-stuffed meatloaf-breaking pipes-end of quarter blues

Water pipes are freezing and breaking all over Eugene.  We’ve been ok, but I’m sure my winter vegetables and spring hopefuls (e.g., cabbage, snow peas, fava beans, maybe strawberries??, artichokes, onions, garlic, and shallots, and herbs) have frozen solid. I’m not sure if they’re going to make it, not to mention my new landscape plants and several very young trees (my fig and elderberry in particular).

It’s the middle of finals, and I’m grading like crazy and meeting some other deadlines, so I wasn’t particularly happy to hear that the City of Eugene decided to finally deliver my city leaves from street pickup this morning at 8 a.m., which meant I had to figure out where to put five cubic yards of frozen, wet leaves pronto.

Having learned a lesson about how sorta composted leaves freeze solid when I tried to mulch my cane berries with my compost this weekend, I thought I’d get some of those leaves down as soon as I could.  Ugh.  As if I didn’t have enough to do already…

But some of my plants aren’t even protected with mulch (see above, waiting for leaves from City) so I had to get some protection out there.  Boy, I sure loved pulling out the ol’ wheelbarrow and pitchforking out the pile in 20-degree weather before it got dark at what, 4:30?  Builds the character, right?  Right.

As you might imagine, I’m not really in the mood and don’t have time to cook, so I’m absolutely thrilled to hear about this week’s prepared dinner special at River Bend Farm, just south of Eugene on Hwy. 58.  Pulled Biancalana pork!

I was out at the farm last Friday to pick up some of the last chestnuts, pork, and leeks, and happened to peek under the foil-wrapped package a friend of mine had just purchased.  Stuffed meatloaf.  I couldn’t resist and bought some…local beef, homemade marinara sauce, and farm-fresh potatoes and other vegetables.  Served with some baby winter green salad mix from Groundworks Organics…yum.  Tracy even revealed to me at the market that she suffered through her red pepper allergy to roast and chop peppers for the cause when she made them.  What a champ!

Anyway I’ll let Annette tell you her frozen tale of woe and what’s available this week.  Call ahead to reserve, or email.  River Bend Farm also sells fresh cider, one of the only places in our area that does so, and even better, they are open after most of the other farms in town have closed for the season!  The contact information and directions are on the website or below.

It’s a balmy 10 degrees at….

I’m ready for a new day and no problems (after I have my cup of coffee)!  Yesterday was a challenge to say the least.  I dealt with a frozen pipe at home (which equates to NO SHOWER) and then a frozen line at our farm store kitchen.  At 2:00 pm a line broke in the ceiling so we had a bit of a “flood”.  With the help of 2 friends, we got the line repaired,  ceiling floorboards pulled, insulation ripped out and the drying process begun.  I am now happy to say that we’re up and running again, the pork got pulled, it’s a new day and best of all I’ve got water again!

Dave and April Biancalana have been very involved in the making of our Pulled Pork Sandwich dinner menu. They provided the pork shoulder roasts and we are happy to feature their wonderful product!  One day is used for marinating the meat, then the second day is for slow cooking and smoking in his Traeger Smoker.  Yesterday evening we pulled the roasts and of course I “had” to sample…and again…and again….and again…!  I have to say that this is the best pulled pork I’ve ever had.  The flavor is wonderful and the meat is moist and tender.  Needless to say, I went “hog wild” over this dinner last night!  We are offering this with a Bourbon BBQ sauce on the side, sandwich buns, and an Asian flavored slaw which you put on your sandwich.  The meat comes in a 1 lb. boil in bag.  So, you just heat and serve for a very easy dinner!  The price for this 4 person meal is: $24.00.

Our other offering is Meat and Meatless Manicotti.  The serving sizes are for 2 people $10.00, 4 people $20.00, 6-8 people $30.00.  These are are 3 cheese filled pasta, with either a meat sauce or meatless sauce.  You won’t be hungry after this meal!

Check out our soups, a Vegetarian Cream of Broccoli, and Lentil, Barley Bacon.  for $4.00/pint and $8.00/quart.  Pair this up with some of Kathy’s bread and you’ve got a hearty meal!
I’m making 2 new creations of mine regarding Pasties (past-eez). For those of you new to our emails, this is a hand held pastry usually filled with meat and vegetables.  It is very popular in the Midwest.  The first is a Mexican style with black beans, pinto beans, cheddar cheese, cilantro, ground chuck, onions, salsa and spices.  The other is a Vegetarian Broccoli, with cheddar cheese, potato, onion, turnip (which adds a slight peppery taste).  I’ll have these done this afternoon, barring any more frozen pipes! These are $4.50 each.

Cider will be available after 1:00 pm.  We of course have apples, Asian pears and many other goodies for you. I hope you have a great day, you thaw out and stay warm!  Please call or email me asap with your orders and we promise you some great meals at a great value! All dinners are available by 2:00 pm.  If time constraints are a factor, give us a call.

Also, please check out our friends Paul and Suzanne from Creswell Coffee.  Again, you know I love to support local.  They have been long time neighbors here in Pleasant Hill. Well, they sell our hazelnuts at their coffee shop.  They buy many of our goodies such as our Flourless Chocolate Torte with Chocolate Ganache topping, our Morning Glory Muffins and now our Pumpkin Scones.  They have a wonderful lunch menu and they have great music on Saturday nights.  I love to go there to relax on a Saturday evening with a great glass of wine and my husband.  They are located next to BiMart in Creswell.  Come check it out….you will be pleasantly surprised what our community has to offer!!!!

Annette Pershern
River Bend Farm
open Thur 9-5:30, Fri 9-6, Sat 9-5:30

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