dining niblets: what’s for dinner edition


  • Last Saturday to buy your produce and local meat/fish/cheese at the outdoor Farmers Market.  The venue moves indoor at the Fairgrounds, but many of the local farms will be shutting down market operations for the season.  So don’t miss it!
  • If you do have to miss it, however, remember that there is still the farmers market on campus at UO, Thursdays through the end of the month.  It’s an experiment, so show them some university love today and make it worth their while!
  • And yet another option is River Bend Farm, just south of Eugene off Highway 58. Annette and crew, whom you may have seen recently at Saturday Market in their booth selling fresh apple cider, are keeping their farm shop open through December. Each week, they make ready-to-eat meals and baked goods that will weaken the hardest of hearts.  You can pre-order (call 541-520-2561)and pick up meals on Fridays at the farm.  This week’s specials include bacon/spinach or broccoli/chanterelle/red pepper quiche, cream of tomato pesto soup, Oregon clam chowder, meat pasties and five-layer dip for the football game (call ahead to order), and wonderful breads (rye caraway (Thur.); Oregon cheddar (Fri.); pesto/garlic/parmesan (Sat.)). They also have cider, new crop filberts, walnuts, chestnuts, apples, Asian pears and local meats — Biancalana Pork, Schloss Dexter Beef, and lamb from a local purveyor whose name I have forgotten.  AND PIE.  PIE!
  • Hungry yet?
  • Nib Dessert and Wine Bar is hosting the first (of we hope many) weekly dinner prepared by  local/seasonal catering outfit Field to Table.  Check out Field to Table’s booth this weekend when you visit the last Farmers Market.  Last week, Retrogrouch and I dined on wild mushroom macaroni and cheese (him, above) and a fried egg openfaced sandwich with mesclun, wild mushrooms, and goat cheese (me).  I’m slightly grumpy after searching for 45 minutes for the menu, which I swore I saw somewhere in my capacious in-box, and on the websites for Nib and Field to Table, where the event does not appear!  Bah.  All I remember is a compelling dish of Ninkansi-braised short ribs.  Corey, if you are reading this, let us know more details, please.  I do know that seating is at  6:30pm on Friday, November 20, and price per person is $25, or with wine $40 per person.
  • And while we’re on the topic of short ribs, I had the beef short ribs soup for lunch at Café Arirang on a stormy, dark day this week.  I needed comfort food, and comfort food I got.  Imagine a big bowl of deeply, richly meaty broth, filled with saucy glass noodles, poached egg whites, a russet jujube, Korean radish, and more rib pieces than you can eat, all showered in green onions.  Now make it a reality and go visit!  The soup is a seasonal special and is served with rice and homemade kimchi that will blow your mind.
  • If you haven’t checked out Hideaway Bakery‘s pizza night on Tuesdays from 5-7 pm, hurry before the weather makes it impossible.  They serve pizza and beer on the patio.  Good idea to call ahead (541-868-1982), as they cancel if it looks like there will be too much rain.

2 thoughts on “dining niblets: what’s for dinner edition

  1. cheezilla 17 November 2009 / 12:38 pm

    It’s nice to see retrogrouch – he looks as sweetly grouchy as I imagined :-) I can relate.


  2. Eugenia 17 November 2009 / 6:17 pm

    Yep, he’s a piece of work, but he’s my piece of work. :)


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